Source Elements is proud to offer a comprehensive education program for all international Universities, Audio Engineering schools and Media departments during the 2014-2015 semesters for our Source-Connect and Source-Live software.

Qualifying educational departments and student receive free access to Source Elements software, full support, and access to our international contacts list of participating schools.

All other products may be purchased with a student/education discount: contact us for pricing details.

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    The following limitations are made to access this program:

    • For Source-Connect Pro X (Surround) and Source-Live.
    • Your Source Elements account name will reflect your facility.
    • All other educational facilities in the program will be able to access your contact information to encourage collaboration and international learning.
    • You must have an identifiable account associated with your education facility.
    • You must have an identifiable educational email address.
    • Students must apply via their facility director and their facility must already be participating in the program.
    • Source-Connect can only be used in conjunction with internal connections or with other qualifying educational facilities: you will not be able to establish a connection with other Source-Connect users outside of the Education network.
    • If connecting outside the Education network is critical please ask about educational discounts.
    • If using Source-Connect for learning or research you must show evidence for using Source Elements software in your curriculum.
    • If using Source-Live for performance, you must place a mention about Source Elements on your performance website or use the Source-Live Gateway directly.


    Please Contact us to join this program.

    The education program has been running since 2010.
    This is a pilot program and may not be offered after the 2014-2015 year, in which case individual arrangements can be made.
    This program does not apply to for-profit education facilities.