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Help and Troubleshooting

Use this help guide to troubleshoot listening to your Source-Live stream.


Listening in iTunes:

1. Click here to download the iTunes m3u8 file
2. If iTunes does not open, double-click on the .m3u8" file or open it directly in iTunes.
3. Copy in the above link


If Source-Live is broadcasting then the stream should start playing automatically in iTunes. Password protected files will only work in the VLC application.

You can also open this link in applications that support HTTP Live Streaming with MP4, such as VLC.

IMPORTANT: Source-Live must be broadcasting in "My Network" mode.

QuickTime plug-in

You must have Apple QuickTime installed to use the Source-Live Gateway.

If you need to install or upgrade QuickTime, please download the latest available version for your computer and restart your browser

Install QuickTime


Web browser

We recommend using a modern browser such as Safari (Mac), Chrome or Firefox. The Gateway is not currently supported for Internet Explorer.

I can't hear the live stream

1. If the stream is password-protected check that the Password window has not hidden behind your browser.

2. Your web browser is not able to load the QuickTime plugin. Restart your browser or open the movie in QuickTime player directly.

This will often happen if you are trying to listen on the same network but the router doesn't allow 'hairpinning', i.e. internal connections. It should work for others outside of your network, or try using Souce-Stream mode in Source-Live.

To open the stream directly in QuickTime, click on the 'Download' button to the right of the timer, and open the .mov file that has been downloaded.

If you see an error when trying to connect with the QuickTime application see the List of common QuickTime errors

Cannot load stream

If you get the status Cannot load Stream it usually means that there is a configuration issue or OS compatibility issue with Source-Live.

1. The Source-Live user should set up Port Forwarding as described in the Network Guide.

2. Try Source-Stream mode in Source-Live - stop streaming and choose Source-Stream mode from the Stream via menu in Source-Live. Source-Stream is a general good fix for most issues.

I don't hear anything

If you see the timer playing, or the status says listening to hold music and you cannot hear anything, check your audio output settings.

If you can hear the test audio playing, then your sound system is properly set up:

Press play:

Make sure your computer has speakers connected properly. Check the cables, and make sure they are powered up if required. Check the volume on your computer and speakers. If you can hear the above audio test but you are not getting anything from the Source-Live stream it is probably a network issue: see Listening Live but no audio.

Password help

Some older browsers will not work well with password-protected streams. We recommend that you upgrade your browser (Safari, Chrome or Firefox are best), or click on the Download button to the left of the timer and listen directly via the QuickTime application.

Please note that OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) does not support RTSP streams in QuickTime at this time. You will need to install QuickTime 7 to use QuickTime outside of the browser with RTSP streams.

iPhone Source-Live Gateway:

Source-Live Gateway allows for real-time listening from the Source-Live Broadcast software from Source Elements. Listen to high-quality real-time audio from anywhere on your iPhone for mix approvals without posting files.

Download the iPhone Source-Live Gateway - free

Note: Password-protected streams are not currently supported.

Common QuickTime errors:

-5420 (Mac) / -10060 (PC):
Disconnected or Timed Out.
Usually this means the Source-Live side is not configured correctly. Check that the Network Test on the Source-Live side returns 'successful'. If so, your local firewall may be blocking the stream. Ask the person streaming via Source-Live to switch to 'Source-Stream' mode as this has better firewall traversal mechanisms.

-5408: Maximum listeners reached
Source-Live has reached the maxiumum number of listeners allowed. Try to reconnect later or you can increase the number of allowed users in Source-Live.

QuickTime Player can't open "*.mov"
QuickTime X does not support RTSP streams. Try Listening in iTunes, the first Help tab above.

Source-Live, by Source Elements

Source-Live enables instant world-wide access to your studio. A complement to Source-Connect, Source-Live sits in your audio session and sends your mix directly to your clients. Email them your Live link, and they can log on to this Gateway - or open the stream directly in QuickTime - and listen immediately.

No additional software required, no end user charges. And with direct management within the plug-in, you control who listens in. Source-Live is compatible with most DAWS including Pro Tools, Logic and Nuendo, both Windows and Mac.


More about Source-Live

We'd love to hear how you find the new Gateway look, or if you experienced any unexpected behaviour. This is just the first version of some great new web tools to come from Source Elements, and any features or comments you have we'd love to hear from you.

Adjust your Gateway settings, such as hold music.

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