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I do online sessions for multiple clients. My main challenge is the amount of time I spend sending very large session files back and forth to producers…

People who want to send large files typically zip them, but the complex data contained in audio files doesn’t respond well to zip compression. Either that or you lose the meta-data that enables you to open the file in another DAW and continue working.

We created Source-Zip to overcome this problem. It allows you to compress your audio session and its accompanying files, making them 10x smaller for quick and easy transfer over the Internet. It utilizes a lossless audio codec and the file is self-extracting, so there is no need for any software at the other end. Find out more

But we have something more revolutionary in Source-Live: the ability to stream live direct from your DAW to your client over the Internet. Why not get immediate approval for your session, rather than emailing and waiting to hear back? Source-Live allows you to stream high sample rate mixes so that your clients can listen in real time from any web browser or iPhone.

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