Bring console-style talkback functionality to your Pro Tools sessions with a simple, inexpensive plugin and free companion app.

Communicate with remote collaborators as clearly and as seamlessly as if they’re in your tracking room—no hardware required.

Way beyond the basic button

Source-Talkback takes push-to-talk facilities to a whole new level: with three modes, definable toggle and latching, listen-back functionality, and compatibility with MIDI devices and external switches. All without the cost of a console or external monitor controller, otherwise required to have talkback.

Take your monitors out of the (feedback) loop

Source-Talkback is an elegant way to communicate with musicians in the live room, or on a remote connection around the world without the complications and audio artifacts inherent in DIY microphone/monitor setups.

No hardware? No problem

Lighten the load and minimize your mobile rig when you can set up virtual talkback right inside Pro Tools. Declutter your desktop and racks, with a complete software solution.

Go wireless with the iTalkback Controller for iOS

Communicate through your mobile devices with this free app for iPhone and iPad. Compatible with both Source-Talkback and Source-VC.

Choose from 3 Talkback modes

Momentary Latched Auto

Press and hold to talk. Talkback is activated only when pressed.

Press to activate; Talkback stays activated until you press again to unlatch.

Follows transport status; Talkback opens when transport is stopped.

Surprisingly simple setup

Define your toggle key using Learn mode, or use the default slash (“/”) key or other options including your  mouse, touchscreen, definable keys, and MIDI input.
Assign Talkback (Aux) to the Aux track that has your microphone input.
Assign Talkback (Master) to your master fader.

Setting up the remote iOS app is simplicity itself, and there are even full instructions supplied in an easy-to-follow tutorial on the app … The new version provides definable ASCI and or MIDI events to trigger the talkback plug-in functions, so you can control your talkback from any MIDI device, or program hotkeys on your keyboard.

Alan Sallabank, Pro Tools Expert

Which Source-Talkback is right for you?


Console-style talkback through a simple, sophisticated plugin & free companion iOS app

  • AAX
  • Assignable key
  • MIDI events
  • Auto-Mode
  • iOS Controller


iTalkback Controller for iOS

Communicate with Pro users through your iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch using this free app

Compatible with Source-Talkback Pro & Source-VC


iOS Controller



Full licenses are perpetual and non-expiring. You have no further obligation to pay support or upgrade fees, except when you require these services.

Need help? Get a guide.

Download a Source-Talkback user guide for a comprehensive tour.