Source Elements offers a rental program so you can use Source-Connect Pro on-demand. Each time you rent Source-Connect your rentals are accrued, so you will eventually own a full license. For pricing and credit details please see the FAQ:



You must first download a trial version of Source-Connect Pro. This allows you to fully evaluate the software and ensure your system is set up properly. During this time you can use Source-Connect for any purpose, and you are welcome to contact Support for assistance.

Not sure which version? Use the version that last worked for you, or contact us for Support with at least 24 hours notice before your session.

Source Elements support is available to you to assist with your session however we strongly suggest you install your Source-Connect rental license and test at least 2 days beforehand so you have time to ensure all potential issues are resolved. Note that we are not generally available for on-demand support over weekends. See the Support section for help with most issues.


View prices in:  
Version Period Price
Source-Connect Pro 3.8 7 days $250.00
Source-Connect Pro 3.7 7 days $250.00
Source-Connect Pro 3.8 X (Surround) 7 days $495.00
Source-Connect Pro 3.7 X (Surround) 7 days $495.00
Source-Connect Pro 3.6 7 days $250.00
Source-Connect Pro 3.2 7 days $250.00
Source-Connect Pro 3.1 7 days $250.00


Support: All accounts with unconsolidated rentals will receive full support for time period of any active rental. Upon consolidation you will receive one additional year of support. For information on Support Contracts see here.

Immediate deposit: iLok authorizations will be deposited immediately upon successful receipt of payment by credit card, and you will have access to your Rental history in your account immediately.

For software that requires an iLok license, you will need to visit your account at when we have successfully processed your transaction in order to download your new license. If you do not have an iLok, you can purchase one from most Digidesign distribution outlets and supported online stores.

Source Elements conducts secure Credit Card transactions using Verisign's Secure Payment Services. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

  • What's an iLok and why do I need one?



    ** Currency conversions are from US dollars and are provided as a guide only and may not exactly match the actual price your financial issuer charges for foreign transactions.