HD audio over the internet for audio professionals - anywhere in the world, no per-minute fees and easy to set up. Try it now and experience a new way of connecting remotely.

  • SOURCE-CONNECT NOW in Public Beta - try it now!
  • High-quality, affordable, bi-directional streaming in your browser.

    Find out more at our NAB 2014 booth, April 6-10th.
  • GO: Source-Connect Pro Extended for Surround / 5.1
  • GO: Source-Nexus for audio application routing with AAX
  • GO: Source-Talkback AAX with Auto mode and 2Q USB hardware
  • Miss us at AES last year? Read about what's coming out soon at the Avid Blog.

    Source Elements lets audio professionals work with clients and talent from all over the world in real time: your professional, home, or portable studio can affordably record, collaborate, or monitor sessions anywhere in the world, Windows and Mac.

    SOURCE-CONNECT STANDARD, PRO AND SURROUND Source-Connect is your ISDN alternative: enables worldwide real-time audio connections with no per-minute charges, subscriptions, or line fees. Experience flawless direct-to-the-timeline recordings with uncompromising audio quality, using the low-delay AAC codec with up to 6 channels, with Sync, VPN, Auto-Restore and Replace and more. See features. Try something new today.

    SOURCE-LIVE: LISTEN NOW Instant, high-qualty audio streaming from your professional DAW to the world. Give your clients instant worldwide access to your studio, an insanely useful tool you'll find yourself using more and more. Send your live mix directly to your clients: e-mail them your Live link, and they can log on to your Source-Live Gateway and listen immediately from any web browser or iPhone. LISTEN TO A PREVIEW

    SOURCE-ZIP: FASTER TRANSFERS A self-extracting session archiver that speeds internet transfer time by up to 10 times, Source-Zip solves a specific problem: you need to send your audio session to another location, but you don't have the time or bandwidth it takes to send such a large file. Use Source-Zip to compress your session by half (Lossless) or by as much as 10 times (lossy) and your meta-data information stays intact. Also great for storing session archives using Lossless technology to halve the required disk space.

    SOURCE-TALKBACK: SOFTWARE TALKBACK LATCH Console-style talkback switch without requiring hardware. Now with AUTO mode and 2Q remote control.


    Source-Nexus is an audio application router: Record remote voiceover from Source-Connect directly in Final Cut or Media Composer, playback iTunes to Pro Tools, even patch Pro Tools to and from Nuendo. All at the same time!

    Route any audio application in and out of Pro Tools even if that application does not have plug-in support. Native AAX 64-bit support for Pro Tools 10 and 11.


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