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An Industry Secret That’s Not So Secret Anymore

Source-Connect has been the industry standard for remote recording, mixing and overdubbing in the film and television industry since 2005.

We are connecting engineers, directors, producers, composers, singers, musicians and actors from all over the world with each other to create music and film for some of the biggest studios in the world including Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Netflix and a host of others.
15 Years Of Real-World Experience

Work remotely to record or be recorded using a number of very flexible solutions.

Source Elements provides high-quality remote connectivity with a unique feature set for various specific setups including music recording and overdubbing in perfect sync.
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Find the right product fit for your needs

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October 2020

Announcing a major new documentary

Filmed in just 2 weeks, and across 7 countries. The new documentary from Source Elements premiers at the AES conference on October 28th, 1.30pm Eastern. With a very special performance…

March 2020

Working from home?

We're offering flexible licensing for the travel restriction period. Source Elements would like to do its part in assisting people staying safe and not travelling during the COVID-19 restrictions.…

January 2020

A year of productivity and service

Stop by our conference booth this year at AES. We looks forward to meeting everyone who can attend...

October 2019

Come and meet us at the AES Conference

During the 2019 AES Conference, meet us as the Avid Partner Pavillion where we will demo all our products. Find us in the AES Exhibition Hall, we're looking forward to…