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 Since 2004 Source Elements has been helping connect creative people from around the world to collaborate in real-time on the production, approval and delivery of professional quality media for the film and television industry.

From its humble beginnings as an internal tool at post-production house Cutters in Chicago, that was primarily developed to circumvent the exorbitant cost of ISDN, to its current status as the industry standard in the film and television industry, Source Elements have helped make mission-critical connections and what seemed impossible possible by introducing high-speed internet connectivity to multimedia production workflows through a suite of software applications that enable near real-time broadcast quality production in a collaborative online environment.

While the quality, convenience and reliability of Source-Connect along with the company’s reputation for high-touch customer service and support is what has established them until now, the company is in the process of completely rebuilding Source-Connect for a version 4.0, scheduled for early 2021 and launching Source-Live 3 Low Latency, a web-based professional-quality production environment that is poised to change how professional media gets made online.

In the first half of 2020, as the global health crisis spread, remote work suddenly became a necessity for thousands of people in the media business, when getting on a plane or going to a studio was no longer considered safe. From classrooms to broadcast booths and from cartoons to commercials, Source Elements have helped more people be where they couldn’t be and complete their projects than ever before in past year.

Rebekah Wilson
CEO & Co-founder

Rebekah Wilson is a composer and musician in addition to being the Co-Founder and technical director who, with visionary Co-Founder Robert Marshall, created the entire suite of Source Elements software.

As a self-taught computer programmer living in New Zealand in the 90s, Rebekah began connecting with a network of her peers in the electronic music industry online, traveling the world and performing as an electronic musician at events including Transmediale (Germany), Ars Electronica (Austria), Sonar (Spain) and City of Women (Slovenia).

After serving as the Artistic co-director of STEIM from 2001-2003, where she learned live electronic performance and developed a passion for real-time music performance software, Rebekah landed in Chicago where she met Source Elements Co-Founders Robert Marshall and John Binder. They created Source-Connect initially as an in-house project at post-production house Cutters in Chicago.

Rebekah and Robert have continued to work together over the past fifteen years to build Source Elements into a global company and a connected network of thousands of media professionals who rely on their software to complete their projects.

In 2018, Rebekah completed her Masters in the topic of Networked Music Performance, merging two passions: 21st century composition for ensembles and network music technology.

Rebekah currently resides somewhere in Western Europe and while looks forward to traveling the globe again soon, she hopes to be part of the future where increasingly sophisticated internet and music technologies emerge, bringing a world made recently more distant from each other, closer together with music and rich audio and video applications.

Robert Marshall
Chief Solutions Officer & Co-founder

Robert Marshall hold degrees in electrical engineering and music composition. Using his skills as a musician, engineer and producer he is the visionary behind the idea of leveraging Internet connectivity to make post-production faster and more productive. He is a crucial force behind the solutions that have become synonymous with Source Elements such as Remote Transport Sync and Auto-Restore & Replace.

Robert spent more than a decade working as a Sound Designer/Mixer on national/international radio, TV spots. His work includes many Super Bowl spots for Budweiser and other notable work for national brands such as Kellogg's, Microsoft and much more. Robert provides services in broadcast capacities for various new outlets including NPR and runs ADR sessions for film and episodic work. This extensive, ongoing hands-on experience helps Robert have a full understanding of what the industry needs. Robert has continued to have one hand on the mixing desk while helping lead the industry away from ISDN and on to the Internet - with Source Elements as the gateway.

In addition to his responsibilities as the Co-Founder and leading the Solutions team at Source Elements, Robert continues to work on a wide-range of sound design and mixing projects through his Chicago-based post-production facility called SUM1, with partners Ben Keller and Sean Ballman.

As Source Elements have grown, Robert has continued to focus on the core functionality and customers and relationships which have been key to Source Elements continued development as an industry-leader and community of tens of thousands of users around the globe.

When he’s not in the studio or on the Internet, he is an avid skier and enjoys spending time and making music with his daughter in his home studio The Cave.