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I need to be able to work very flexibly in a variety of locations, but somehow bring it all together – and get my performance where it needs to be – on time…

Voice-over artists

We understand that voice-over professionals often need to work quickly, from different locations, and using a variety of tools. You need to capture the moment when inspiration strikes. We have developed a range of tools to give you ultimately working flexibility without compromise.

Source-Connect allows you to record and monitor from anywhere in the world using your own, professional tools. It brings you impeccable audio quality and it’s completely secure; direct to the timeline recording, using only an Internet connection. Auto-Restore and Auto-Replace functions offer easy-to-use file management, ensuring that every recording is perfect, every time. Find out more

Source-Nexus allows voice over artists to consolidate all their various communications systems and external apps into one clean, Pro Tools template, where everything you need is a button push or mouse click away.

Voice actor James Arnold Taylor (Johnny Test, Cartoon Network; Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) says, “I love Source-Connect and have been using it weekly for my TV show sessions. I’m in California and the rest of the cast is in Canada. The sessions run for 3 to 4 hours and they have been super and so much easier for me than doing it via FTP as we used to … Source-Connect is the future of voice-over recording, here and now …”

ADR engineers

Buzzys Recording has completed international Source-Connect ADR sessions with stars including Catherine Zeta Jones, Heath Ledger, Jefferey Rush and Tim Robins to name but a few. Director Peter Andrikidis commented that Source-Connect has totally changed the way he manages ADR, because he no longer needs to fly talent around the world and forgo creative options because of cost.

Products that provide solutions for Voice-over work: