For your remote Review & Approval sessions. The only solution you need for real-time high- quality video broadcast.
For Windows and Mac.

Starting at only $45 a month

Premium quality, secure, budget-friendly, ultra-low-latency live broadcasting for audio and video professionals.

Do you need industry-standard encryption security for your media streams?

Tired of out-of-sync presentations?

Want more control over who speaks when during your video chat?

Hate it when a busy picture degrades the audio quality?

Getting a headache from squinting at pixelated low frame-rate pictures?

Source-Live, from the experts in internet communication, trusted by major film production companies. How will you use it?

Whether you’re in the cutting room, an audio mix room, a (virtual) classroom, a home gym, traveling, on a socially-distanced film set, or in an operating theatre… Source-Live allows you to stream virtually instantaneous full-HD video, totally synchronous high resolution audio with independent video conferencing, over a dedicated secure server with end-to-end encryption.

Flexible audio and video routing

Capture multiple windows, screens or external video capture input devices up to 2K resolution. Using external video capture enables you to send your stream to a separate machine, or network from your workstation using the built-in NDI support.

Full platform support

Source-Live is now available on both Mac and Windows platforms

Truly global

Participants can view and engage from anywhere in the world using any compatible browser on desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or even Smart TV.

Strong community

Used by thousands of studios and talent in all corners of the world daily, you have at your fingertips the strongest community you’ll find in the sound industry, world-wide. With our unique directory of working studios, talent, musicians, educators, broadcasters and more, you can seek out remote facilities anywhere, easily.

Integrated workflows to manage complexity

Source-Live integrates with every other audio application on your computer thanks to clever audio routing in conjunction with Source-Nexus. Combine with Source-Connect for high production quality remote ADR sessions; all your stakeholders can contribute equally and reliably thanks to the exceptional high-quality and low-latency .

Source-Live has made my dream of being an international mixer a reality. Incredible software.
James Lugo
Hollywood's top rock & pop vocal coach
Your needs have changed

Redesigned from the ground up

Redesigned to be faster, better, higher quality, lower latency. Encrypted audio and video streaming, in sync from your DAW.

Video & audio routing over the LAN

NDI support

Network Device Interface (NDI) support enables you to communicate and deliver high-definition, frame-accurate, high-quality and low-latency video over your computer network.

Pair video and audio inputs

Precision synchronization

Pair with your favourite HDMI encoding device such as Elgato for perfect picture accuracy. Synchronize to the millisecond with your audio inputs.

Unbelievably low-latency and easy setup

It's FAST!

End-to-end latency is less than half a second (depending on global distances). Streaming via our server infrastructure minimizes bandwidth and eliminates firewall access.

Stay in sync

Stay together

Flexible sync offsets keep everything synchronized, regardless of the path of your feeds into the Source-Live broadcaster.

Source-Live Versions: Downloads and Pricing

Hear what your clients think as they hear and see it – stream high sample-rate mixes and video broadcasts, live from your timeline.

Starting at only $45 a month


Source-Live is a feature-rich solution. See the table below for information about how you can get remote review & approval affordably, securely and reliably. Find out for yourself: download a full-featured 15-day trial.

HTTPS 2048-bit encrypted streams:
HD video streaming:
Manual sync-adjust for video/audio sync:
Screencapture for desktop streaming:
Stereo, high-quality audio streaming:
Per-client stream authentication:
NDISupport for all NDI-enabled NLEs
Real-time video chat and messaging client:
iLok requiredNo iLok account or iLok required
Price$45/month* plus usage
Usage pricingSee plans
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Source-Live Pro subscription is available for monthly subscriptions with a one-time $75 set-up fee. If you are re-subscribing and your previous subscription lasted at least 4 months, the setup fee will be waived. Cancel at any time, no obligation.

Pricing: from $45 a month

$7510 viewer-hours per month$45
$7525 viewer-hours per month$70
$75100 viewer-hours per month$145
$75250 viewer-hours per month$245
$75500 viewer-hours per month$395
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